Royal Canin

Royal Canin

When we think about dog or cat food brands, one of the first that pops right into our head is Royal Canin, right? That’s because Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health nutrition, and their brand has a history of more than 50 years.

Royal Canin has been working non-stop since 1968 to make a better world for your pets by offering them the very best nutrition as their first medicine. They claim that “Health is [their] obsession”, and they pursue knowledge, always committing to quality and sustainability.

Royal Canin dog food includes a wide variety of options traveling from dry dog food and wet dog food to incredible and tasty dog treats. The Royal Canin cat food catalog also features dry cat food, wet cat food, and cat treats that will make your loving feline purr with happiness. 

Royal Canin offers a large selection of tailored nutrition choices to cover your pet’s needs that come in product lines like veterinary diet and according to breed, size, age, and health condition. As such, you will have an option for every nutritional need or special health condition - skin and coat, digestion, kidney, and urinary health, hip and joint support, dental and breath care, and hairball control. So, with Royal Canin, you’re also covered even if you have a dog or cat with special needs who require special nutrition. Their pet food is produced with every dog and cat in the world in their thoughts.

All of this while providing your pet with the yummiest flavors like chicken, fish, salmon, pork, or rabbit. 

You can buy Royal Canin pet food and surprise your dog or cat with the complete nutrition they will love. Buy Royal Canin online at Vivapets and spoil them royally!