KONG was founded in 1970 by Joe Markham and his dog Fritz - yes, he also had a paw in this pie. Because Fritz had such destructive chewing habits and due to his love for rocks and wooden sticks, he started to suffer from dental complications. One day, Joe had enough and tossed a Volkswagen Bus suspension part to Fritz to play and stay away from rocky surfaces. This rubbery vehicle part caught the attention of Fritz due to its erratic bounce and durable rubber and inspired Joe to create the first KONG product - the KONG Classic dog toy. Years after this extraordinary moment, KONG is now sold in more than 80 countries, and their products are loved by dogs all around the globe.

KONG products encourage play, satisfy instinctual needs, and strengthen the bond between pets and their humans. KONG toys can be used for cognitive enrichment, for fetch games, as chew toys, as puzzle toys, and as food dispensers. Sometimes they're several in one. They are the very best when it comes to quality, originality, safety, and value. 

You can choose the perfect toy for your dog by studying their chewing profile first - KONG offers chew toys for teething chewers, average chewers, power chewers, and aging chewers. These products also come in all sizes depending on your dog’s own size, varying from extra-small to extra-large - puppies are also included in the equation, obviously. 

KONG’s catalog features products like the KONG Classic (duh!), KONG Goodie Bone, KONG Wobbler, KONG Extreme, KONG Jumbler Ball, KONG Gyro, KONG Binkie for puppies, KONG Squiggles, and KONG Shells Bear and Turtle.

As a bonus, many of KONG products have a hollow center that can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats, keeping them happier and entertained for a longer period of time. This will also leave you happy, especially when you need a moment of peace and tranquility to focus on your own stuff.

And if you’re worried about having to wash these dirty toys after your dog’s chewing session, you can just throw them in the dishwasher and relax.

Dogs need to play - so let them do it with KONG!