Worldwide Delivery

Vivapets shipments are made from Europe (Portugal). Vivapets currently ships worldwide. We offer two delivery options (with some exceptions): Regular Mail through National Post Office Service and Express Shipping through DHL (courier).

After payment has been confirmed, we make an effort to ship the order on the next business day (excludes weekends, promotional periods, national holidays in our country and unexpected busy periods). Please note that certain products need to be sourced directly from the manufacturer and that fact might delay your order. If that happens, we will inform you about it. If an order is placed after 1 PM (Western European Time Zone UTC+00:00) on Friday it will likely not be dispatched before Monday/Tuesday.

If any concerns should arise regarding the order (delay in dispatch, incorrect delivery address, product specification, out-of-stock products, etc.), we will contact you by e-mail. The order will not be processed until we receive an answer or until a certain amount of time has passed. If no answer is received, the order will be canceled and its payment reimbursed to the customer.

Orders will be sent to the delivery address that you have submitted in your order form. Please remember that if you choose delivery fulfilled with National Post Office Service, you will probably have to collect your parcel at the post office. Unfortunately, this does not depend on us and it is the customer’s responsibility to check if the post office delivers parcels in hand.

We cannot be held responsible if the delivery address is incorrect or if it was corrected after dispatch was made.

Delivery Price & Time

As every order is unique, shipping costs vary depending on the chosen delivery method, weight, and destination of your order. The best way to get information about the price of delivery is to add the product(s) you want to purchase to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Here, choosing the delivery option and indicating your address, the delivery price will be automatically updated and you can check the cost of shipping to your address.

Please note that, if you want to edit your order or add more products (only possible if your order was not dispatched yet) – the delivery price might change.

We offer free shipping for orders above 100€

Please remember that in case of free delivery you still have to choose which type of delivery you want us to use for your order!

Delivery time depends on the destination country. At the Checkout page, after choosing the country that you want your order to be shipped to, the delivery time will be automatically updated and visible.

WARNING: The client cannot choose a specific delivery time, because deliveries are conditioned by the routes defined by the transport service on the respective delivery date.

If you chose Regular Mail and haven’t received your order after the indicated delivery time, you might have to check if it is not waiting to be collected in your local post office. In such case, postmen should leave the notification about it in your mailbox but from our experience, most of the times that doesn't happen. You will need to go to your local post office and pick up the parcel by yourself. There is a different pick-up deadline, depending on the destination country. To be able to pick up the order, you will be required to present the notification left at the delivery address or/and parcel/tracking number, as well as your ID document. If the order is not collected within pick-up deadline, it will be eventually returned to Vivapets.

Order Tracking

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase. If you did not receive an e-mail with tracking information please remember to check your SPAM folder, as your mail server might have forwarded it there.

After your order is dispatched, you will receive another email containing shipping details, like tracking number, expected delivery date, link for tracking website and any other additional information.

In case of choosing Regular Mail through National Post Office Service, tracking availability depends on destination country. If there is “No tracking” information visible on the checkout page it means that the national postal service of your country doesn’t provide any tracking information on the parcels we send. It means we cannot know where the parcel is and if it was delivered to you or not. We have no control over it and unfortunately, we cannot change it. You might be able to track parcels sent from another country but parcels sent from ours won’t be trackable. This is why the last status you can see on the tracking website of our country’s (Portugal) post office is “International Dispatch”– this means that it has left our country.

It is possible that when the shipping confirmation email is sent to the client, attempting to track the order online doesn’t immediately provide results. It may take some time after receiving the shipping confirmation e-mail for any tracking status to appear on the tracking website.

Duties & Taxes

Depending on your delivery country, different taxation rules and additional charges may apply. If you are shipping items to a country that does not belong to the European Union (check here which countries are European Union members), you may need to pay import duties and taxes (including VAT) upon receipt of the products.

In case of Express Shipping through DHL:

We will always try to notify you during the checkout process if additional fees will be charged upon receipt of the products. On the Checkout page, after choosing shipping country – proper warning regarding duties & taxes will appear.

In case of Regular Mail through National Post Office Service:


In order for the return to be accepted, it must respect the following rules: - The product must never be used or opened; - The product has to be sealed in its original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if any) - if the product box has no mark or seal, you must keep intact the seal of the product, or any other protection marks; - You shall ensure that the product conforms to all the accompanying components: samples, gifts, among others, respecting the original shipping conditions; - Preserve the invoice, bearing in mind that a copy of it must accompany the return of the product to Vivapets

At Vivapets, our main goal is your complete satisfaction so purchasing with us is easy and fully transparent and we offer an “Easy Return Policy” where in you can make a return request of a product within 14 work days of its delivery.

returns authorisation. It is very important that you wait for our email with the return information and save product(-s) under the same conditions that you've received them in order to return it. There is a maximum period of 7 days after our confirmation of your order to send the product(-s) to our address along with any documents instructed by us.

After receiving the product(-s) back - if you proceed accordingly to all the information and the product(-s) are received by us in their original packaging - we will review the case within 5 working days and contact you via email providing confirmation. In case of a refund, it can take an extra 5-10 working days for it to be processed. You will receive an e-mail confirming your account has been credited once your refund is processed.

If instead of getting a refund for the returned product, you prefer to receive another product, please note that: - such exchange is dependant on the availability of stock. When a replacement is not available, we will refund you the money. - any extra costs that might arise (price difference, shipping cost etc.) in case of sending the replacement(s) are the customer's responsibility.

We are more than happy to cover/refund cost of return when it is due to an error on our side.

We will not refund the cost of returning the order if the return is caused by customer’s mistake or if the product(-s) is no longer wanted or required. These costs will need to be covered by you.

Return Process

Please contact our Customer Service team via e-mail ([email protected]) to arrange your return.

We need you to let us know the order number and the item(-s) you want to return. Send that information along with an explanation of the situation to our email, attaching photos (if necessary). Upon receipt of these details we will provide you with instructions and all the necessary information/documents needed to arrange the return. Return process depends on the country you are in.

Return from country that belongs to European Union

Customers returning product/-s from any county that belongs to EU, can choose one of two ways to do it. The first one is to return the parcel via national post office service by simply preparing the parcel and posting it in your local post office, with standard mail. In that case we cannot know in advance what will be the price of return. Usually the time needed to deliver the parcel back to us in that case is up to 9 working days.

Second way to return the parcel to us is by DHL return service which would be organized by us if you decide so. It will require to settle the pick-up and DHL courier will pick up the parcel from the address you choose on settled date. Customers cannot choose a specific hour for a pick-up. After contacting us, we will provide you with return documents that you will have to print and attach to the parcel. At this time, we will also inform you about the price of the return, as it depends on the weight of the parcel, country etc. The time needed to deliver the parcel back to us is 1-4 working days.

Return from country that does NOT belong to European Union

Orders originally shipped via DHL: In such case customers can return the product(-s) by DHL return service (with some exceptions, about which we will inform via email), which will be organized by us. It will require to settle the pick-up and DHL courier will pick up the parcel from the address you choose on the agreed date. Customers cannot choose a specific hour for pick-up. After contacting us, we will provide you with return documents that you will have to print and attach to the parcel, together with the original invoice that was sent with your order. At this time, we will also inform you about the price of the return, as it depends on the weight of the parcel, country etc. The time needed to deliver the parcel back to us is 5-6 working days.

Due to Customs regulations, returns from some countries via DHL might not be possible.

Orders originally shipped with Regular Mail through National Post Office Service: Return process of orders originally shipped with a delivery method other than DHL is very expensive and greatly increases the odds of the order never being delivered to us or being lost in transit. Every case will be analyzed individually and we will inform the customer accordingly. However, you have to be aware that such returns might not be feasible. If Customs clearance doesn’t authorized it, it automatically means that the order will never return to us. In such case we will not be able to offer a refund.


Returned and cancelled orders

You can cancel the order by contacting us, via email, as long as the order has not yet been shipped. Please provide all necessary information regarding your order: order number or eventually full name used to place the order. We will get back to you via email informing you about the status of your order! Please keep in mind that unless cancellation takes place before shipment has been processed, your order cannot be stopped and will be delivered to you. At this point you will be able to process it as a return.

After confirming the status of the order, we will process a refund back to the original account used to purchase the item. It can take extra 5-10 working days to be processed. You will receive an e-mail confirming your account has been credited once your refund is processed.

Undelivered orders

Providing an incomplete or incorrect address may lead to the parcel being returned to Vivapets. Hence, we recommend to always make sure that the delivery address provided when placing the order is correct and complete.

In case of delivery with Regular Mail through National Post Office Service, once the order is shipped it is no longer possible to change the delivery address.

In such case, the parcel will reach the destination country and will be returned to us after some time. After receiving the parcel, we will contact your immediately via email and you will decide which solution is the best for you: - if you want us to send the order again (meaning you will have to cover cost of reshipment); - or if you want us to cancel your order at this point (in such case the cost of shipping is not refundable). In that case we will process a refund back to the original account used to purchase the item. It can take extra 5-10 working days to be processed

If the order returns to us as “Unclaimed” – meaning you did not collect parcel from the post office on time or parcel did not pass through customs – we will proceed exactly the same as above.

In cases where product(s) are taxed, if the customer does not finalize the clearance process, the order returns to the sender (us) - with some exceptions (!). In that case the amount to be returned is related only to products purchased in the store, not including the freight charge(s) - both sides, or fees resulting from payment with instalments. In this case all additional charges will have to be covered by the customer!

The refund of the amount paid by the customer upon purchase is made after the arrival of goods to us. We will inform you via email about it and we will process a refund back to the original account used to purchase the item. It can take an extra 5-10 working days for it to be processed.

In case of Express Shipping through DHL, an incorrect or incomplete address can be corrected or changed. You can do it by contacting us or by contacting directly with DHL department in your country. If there is inconsistency or lack of some information, DHL will contact you to the provided phone number. If they aren’t able to get in touch with you, we will be noticed about that and we will try to solve the problem at our end.

Faulty and wrong item(-s)

It’s important that you check your order or items upon receiving them and always before use. Although we try our best to prevent any damage to your goods during transportation, it is possible that problems may occur. We have high standards when it comes to preparing your order however mistakes, can occur from time to time. Please accept our apologies if you have received a damaged or wrong item. If any errors occur or issues arise then these need to be reported to us immediately so we can investigate. Please provide details of the fault and attach pictures of the parcel and problematic product (-s) to your message so we can properly evaluate the situation. As part of our customer experience goals, we will do our utmost to resolve your query with speed, ease and with absolute minimal inconvenience.

We will review each case individually and provide the best solution possible. We can offer a refund, partial refund, discount for future purchases or reshipment of the item(-s). In case of a refund, we will process it back to the original account used to purchase the item. It can take an extra 5-10 working days to be processed. Our aim is to provide the best solution for you as quickly as possible.

Need help?

If you need help, please contact us!

Our friendly Customer Service will be glad to help you with any queries you may have during the opening hours from Monday to Friday: 9am - 7pm (Western European Time Zone UTC+00:00).


Email us at [email protected] - we always try to respond to all emails within less than 3 working days. Please allow slightly more time after weekends/holidays or at promotional periods.


Available Monday to Friday 10am-7pm GMT:

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