Kong Classic

The KONG Classic is a multi-purpose toy for dogs and in more than 40 years has become one of the most popular toys in the world.

Made of natural red rubber, in a unique KONG Classic formula, it is ultra-resistant, ideal for dogs that like to bite and it is recommended by veterinarians and trainers around the world.

The main functions of KONG Classic are:
- a better cognitive development of the dog, since its irregular shape and the erratic jump constitute a challenge for the animal;
- an improvement of the physical condition, since the dog stays more active for much more time, running and jumping, even in the absence of his owner;
- facilitate the satisfaction of the exercise needs of very active dogs;
- be filled with snacks, prolonging the time of the animal’s activity;
- decrease the anxiety of separation because a healthy entertainment, for long periods, avoids boredom;
- help keep gums healthy and teeth clean;
- be used in the game "fetch" without the danger of hurting the dog's mouth.

Despite the high resistance of the KONG Classic, no toy for dogs is truly indestructible, so watch out for its condition and remove it if the toy starts releasing pieces. For dogs with a stronger bite it is advisable to get one or two sizes above the recommended one, or opt for the KONG Extreme.

See available sizes below

See size below
- XS 4 cm
- S 4 cm
- M 6 cm
- L 7 cm
- XL 9 cm
- XXL 10 cm

- XS 6 cm
- S 8 cm
- M 9 cm
- L 10 cm
- XL 13 cm
- XXL 15 cm

Dog's weight:
- XS up to 2 Kg
- S up to 9 Kg
- M - 7 - 16 Kg
- L - 13 - 30 Kg
- XL - 27- 41 Kg
- XXL - 38+ kg