Zee.Dog was born in 2009 and was created by the Brazilian brothers Thadeu Diaz and Felipe Diaz when trying to find the most modern and fashionable accessories for their newly-adopted dogs, Zeca and Lico. Zee.Dog is one of the best dog fashion and accessory brands out there! Their mission is to Connect Dogs and People - and we love it! Zee.Dog designs and builds products of expression and wants to become the world's number one top-of-mind pet brand. They want to create top quality products at an affordable price, so they launched a Kickstarter campaign and flew to Asia. There, they built a trust relationship with the local factories and as a result of their growth, many of them ended up buying each other and were consolidated as bigger manufacturers. Now, they sell in 25 countries and have 18 stores in Brazil and five in New York. The contribution that Zee.Dog gives to the development of local communities and the social awareness that they bring to pet-related causes makes us proud to have them at Vivapets! 

Zee Dog UK offers a wide range of pet products such as Zee Dog collar, harnesses, leashes, and even bowties. Actually, Zee.Dog launches new patterns every few months, so you can make every season more fun and your dog can truly express their lifestyle with them! Besides that, Zee.Dog also offers toys, beds, and pee pads that (as always) will look great in your house and are made with the best materials and technology.

ZeeDog UK catalog includes products such as ZeeDog Collar Phantom for dogs, Zee Dog Patagonia Dog Collar, ZeeDog Gotham Air Mesh Harness, Zee.Pad Training Pad, ZeeDog Bali Bow-Tie, and Zee.Dog Banana dog toy.

As its name advertises, Zee.Dog started with a passion for dogs and the dream of finding the best products for them. But now, they also offer a wide range of accessories for cats - because there’s no need to perpetuate this beef between dogs and cats, right?

As you can tell, Zee.Dog’s products are fashionable, modern, fun, and extremely practical and comfortable. Everything your best friend needs to feel confident and happy while walking alongside you.