Try this simple recipe: mix “Puppy” with “Utopia”, and you’ll get Puppia. Puppia is a global dog fashion design brand based in South Korea and especially famous for its comfortable and vet-approved harnesses.

Puppia is tailor-made for dog parents and dogs who value comfort but who don’t want to neglect style and “turning heads” when going for a walk. That’s why they have the best human designers in their team who are responsible for making that happen. Just by looking at their products, you can spot the expertise and the know-how of many years in the business of doggy fashion.

Their unique collection features designer harnesses, clothing, collars, leashes, accessories, among other products. Their best-seller and the reason why so many people worldwide know them is the extremely comfortable Puppia harness that includes models such as Puppia Soft Harness, Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness, and Puppia Sentinel Harness. Additionally, Puppia’s clothing line always makes sure your dog is protected from the elements with products like Puppia Base Jumper Raincoat and Puppia Mountaineer.

With their products, Puppia shouts to the world that comfort is what keeps our dogs alive and style is what allows them to thrive - and that one shouldn’t live without the other.

We think they have reached their utopia!