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Libra Light with turkey and whole grains is a dry food, complete and balanced, which provides your adult dog healthy formula and low in calories to lose weight feeling full of ener... Read More
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Libra Light with turkey and whole grains is a dry food, complete and balanced, which provides your adult dog healthy formula and low in calories to lose weight feeling full of energy. Its recipe has a satiating effect, and contains substances that control stress, and provide a large flavor. Thus, dogs with overweight can get a great physical shape while enjoying intensely the meal time. The dog food Libra Light has been formulated by veterinarians to meet all the nutritional needs of the adult dog. Using quality raw materials, such as various meats and whole grains provide a great balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. As a result, facilitates the digestion and absorption of nutrients, which affects the daily vitality of your pet. The formula of this dry food is highly digestible and takes care of the overall health of dogs, which facilitates an appropriate growth. The bones and teeth remain strong, takes care of skin and hair, your vision and brain remain active and allows a minor muscle tear. Also protects the animal's stress, which both influence the physical state. This feed is ideal for dogs with overweight as for those with a tendency to obesity. Whole grains, such as wheat and maize, provide carbohydrate slow absorption so your pet conserve your energy and desire to play all day. Rich in fiber, improve the intestinal transit and produce a satiety in the animal, which allows eat the least amount feeling satisfied also. With 27% protein of vegetable origin and from meats like chicken and turkey, this dog food provides proper maintenance of muscle mass. It is low in fat, so combine this power with some daily exercise will make your pet is always strong and fit. The production process of this low calorie diet takes care of raw materials through a system of steam cooking that retains the properties of the ingredients, without adding preservatives or dyes. The fine grinding and control over each of the development phases allows for a quality product with a taste, flavor and great texture accepted by pets.
Benefits: - Food for adult dogs that allows weight control maintaining vitality. - With satiating effect and control of stress. - Very tasty thanks to the quality of raw materials. - great nutritional balance without preservatives or dyes. - Control on all production phases. dosages: recommended daily intake (g / day) for an adult dog. Quantities are no more than a guide, and should be adapted to the particular circumstances of your pet. It is best to divide the dose several times a day. Always leave fresh water available at the disposal of your dog.
c & atilde weight; the Dose di á Ria
Results 1 - 5 kg 25-90 G
5 - 10Kg 90 - 150 grams
10 - 25 kg 150-295 G
25 - 45 kg 295-460 G
45 - 70 kg 460-640 G
Derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal by-products (among others 4% chicken, 4% Peru), cereals (among others 4% whole wheat, 4% corn), vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, minerals. Analytical components: 27% protein, 8% fat, 5.5% fiber, inorganic material 7.5%, 1.5% calcium, 1.2% phosphorus, 10% humidity. Nutritional additives / kg: Vitamin A 24,000 IU Vitamin D3 1,600 IU Vitamin E 75 mg monidratado ferrous sulfate (Fe: 78 mg) 237 mg of potassium iodide (I: 1.3 mg) 1.7 mg copper sulfate pentahydrate ( Cu: 8 mg) 30 mg manganese sulphate monidratado (Mn: 36 mg) 112 mg, monidratado zinc sulfate (Zn: 196 mg), 360 mg sodium selenite (Se: 0.15 mg) 0:22 mg. metabolizable energy 3418 kcal / kg.