Trixie Protective Collar, inflatable

Inflatable The animal can see and hear without hindrance Reduces the risk of getting caught or hit objects, walls or stairs Particularly suitable for shy dogs Long-lasting, but comfortable thanks to the soft and flexible material The dog can eat, drink, smell and play without great restrictions Velcro closure allows fast and accurate fixing Passers to insert the collar prevent the collar from slipping Easy to clean with warm water. Can be disinfected Read More
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  • Polyurethane/polyethylene
  • Lick and bite protection for wounds and eczmas
  • Protects head, chest and back area
  • No catching on or knocking against objects, walls or stairs
  • The pet can see and hear without being impaired
  • Particularly suitable for timid dogs
  • Durable
  • Soft and flexible material makes it comfortable to wear
  • The dog can feed, drink, sniff and play without major restrictions
  • Hook and loop fastener allows quick and accurate fitting
  • Loops for passing through collar prevent casting off
  • Easy to clean with warm water, can be disinfected
  • Colour: blue

The product is available in following Sizes:

  • M-L (45-57 cm / 11 cm)
  • XXS (14-18 cm / 6.5 cm)