Colombo Lernex - Disinfectant For Lake 200 Gr / 5,000 Lt

For treatment of gill and skin worms and anchor worms How to use:   Dosage: 20 gr (equal to one measuring spoon included) to 500 Lt of lake water.    If necessary treatment can be repeated after 14 days.   Precaution:    For use in Ornamental Lake Fish only. Read More
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Colombo Lernex Anti Fluke & Worms is a great treatment for Skin and Gill flukes, Piscola and Fish Lice, Anchorworms and other macro parasites.

Skin and Gill flukes are 0.3-0.5mm in size and can only be seen under a microscope.

The skin fluke (Gyrodactylus) gives birth to live young and therefore is capable of fast reproduction. This results in skin irritation and the the thickening of the skin and your fish produce a slimy mucous layer over their skin. Infested fish often rub/flash against ponds walls, pipes, stones etc.

The gill fluke (Dactylogyrus) is a parasite that lays eggs, very similar in appearence to skin flukes, however you can see the eggs (black dots) inside the adult fluke. Gill flukes are found on both the body and gills of the koi. Gill flukes often require 2 doses, one to eradicate the adult, then another dose to eradicate the young. Infested fish often rub/flash against ponds walls, pipes, stones etc.

Colombo Lernex can also work against Macro Parasite such as fish lice (Argulus) which can grow to 1/2 cm, Gill lice, and Anchor worms all of which are visible with the naked eye.

Colombo Lernex is also good for treating Internal Roundworms (Nematodes).
Leeches (Piscicola Geometre) are worm-like creatures with two suckers - a small one which also functions as a mouth and a larger one at the tail end.