In 1882, Candioli Pharma was founded by Dr. Attilio Candioli, in the laboratory of his family-owned pharmacy. Candioli Pharma is a modern pharmaceutical company that excels in the development and manufacturing of new and innovative products for vets and pet parents. With its 130 years of history, Candioli Pharma has established three product lines in the veterinary market - Pets, Ornithology, and Athlete Horses -, always keeping in mind their main goal - to improve pet’s quality of life.

Forbid is one of Candioli Pharma’s brands, and its products are food supplements that treat your pet’s repulsive coprophagic behavior. Coprophagia refers to an animal’s behavior of eating their own stool or stool of another individual. Although some medical conditions can contribute to coprophagia, this habit is mainly caused by behavioral problems, like seeing their mother or other animals doing it. Additionally, it’s one of the most repulsive practices our pets can engage in - not to say quite detrimental to their health. Situations in which pets are fed low-quality food (or even an insufficient amount of food) may resort to eating feces in an innate attempt to balance out a dietary and/or enzyme deficiency.

Forbid Coprophagia does what seems quite obvious to us humans: its ingredients make stool unpleasant to ingest for your pet. It also diminishes the risks of reinfestation, avoiding the ingestion of eggs from parasites contained in fecal material. This way, Forbid Coprophagia gradually prevents and eliminates this yucky behavior of your pet.

The simple idea of eating poop is quite revolting to humans, which is the exact same feeling Forbid Coprophagia formula tries to emulate on our pets. This supplement, when added to your pet’s food or treats, will make the feces produced less appealing by using certain smells and tastes that are unpleasant for your canine or feline. Additionally, its formula doesn’t change your pet’s normal digestive process.

Give Forbid Coprophagia to your pet and never catch them eating feces ever again!

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