Woof & Brew Woof&Brew Ha-Pee Lawns 330Ml

Natural cleansing properties and rich in vitamins and minerals Read More
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  • Natural cleansing properties and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritionally balanced, specialised blend developed with veterinary experts
  • Designed to help with reducing and neutralising the ammonia and alkalinity in urine
  • The herbs used are used to help with detoxifying and maintaining a healthy urinary tract
  • Best served over food

Instructions. For Use: Add required capfuls (see below) each day either over your dog's food or in their water bowl. Serve over your dog's food for best results, or as a drink if your dog prefers. Refrigerate once opened and use within 1 month. Shake well before use. Please ensure alternative fresh drinking water is available when this product is first introduced.



WOOFandBREW's range of healthy, herbal tonics (for dogs) are a complementary pet food, created and blended to help support your dog's specific needs. We always seek external expert advice, including veterinary surgeons, who advise the following: It's recommended that dogs are over four months before using any supplement. Owners with pregnant or nursing dogs, or those suffering from chronic long-term illness should seek their veterinary surgeon's advice before using any supplement. Ha-Pee Lawns is a herbal supplement only. Do not use to directly replace normal nutrition

Ingredients: Tomato Flakes, Yucca Root, Nettle, Alfalfa, Marshmallow Root, Golden Rod