Dermoscent was born in 2003 in France, with the creation of the Laboratoire de Dermo-Cosmétique Animale (LDCA). The three founders of the company, at the time, came to the conclusion that most animal dermatology products were used exclusively within a therapeutic context. Therefore, they created the innovative concept of animal dermo-cosmetics with the goal of putting an end to skin problems of dogs, cats, and even horses.

All Dermoscent products are intended to enhance the skin health of our pets, respecting their physiology and developed to be consistent with the specificities and needs of each species. One of the most remarkable features of Dermoscent products is that they are developed by and for veterinarians, being exclusively commercialized in veterinary clinics in France as well as internationally. Every Dermoscent formula is developed by a team composed of veterinary dermatologists and pharmaceutical specialists in dermo-cosmetics.

Dermoscent offers a wide range of skincare products to improve your pet’s skin health and to provide a solution to skin problems found by pet parents and vets. Their catalog features products such as Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot On for dogs and cats, Dermoscent PYOspot, Dermoscent Bio Balm, Dermoscent PYOclean Oto, Dermoscent PYOclean wipes, and Dermoscent SunFREE. All of these products are based on active ingredients that are 100% natural and carefully selected for their properties and purity, without any added artificial fragrances.

As an extra commitment for a cleaner and greener planet, all Dermoscent products come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Dermoscent also moderates the use of secondary packaging, and raw materials are ethically chosen with the utmost vigilance and rigor.

The regular and continuous use of Dermoscent products will lead to moisturized and reinforced pet skin. With Dermoscent, your pet’s coat becomes shiny, smooth, and with an amazing scent - the “Dermo-scent”!