Alien Flex

Alien Flex

As its name implies, Alien Flex is an alien-themed brand of dog toys with an interesting and exciting story about the space adventures of Alpha The Dog. All of their products revolve around this story, which makes Alien Flex a one-of-a-kind company, especially when it comes to originality. We promise you will never find products like these anywhere else.

In a nutshell, Alpha The Dog’s story goes like this: a mutt was sent to space on a secret mission ten years after Laika’s trip - and his name was Alpha the Dog. This mission involved Planet X, a new-discovered Earth-like planet hiding beyond Pluto with a high probability of alien life. However, just when Alpha’s capsule was approaching Planet X, an unforeseen wormhole pulled him into the darkness, and he was never seen again. Forty-five years later, in the Pacific ocean, three things were found that belonged to Alpha’s capsule: the capsule’s black box, filled with reports of good and evil aliens from several intergalactic planets, a stone with an alien message, and an ultra-durable alien material. This was only the beginning to find out what happened to Alpha The Dog and what kind of alien life was waiting to be discovered.

Alien Flex’s catalog includes plush, squeaky, rubber, nylon, printed canvas, cotton rope, and floating fetch toys. And amazingly, all of these products are based on this intergalactic story! The rubber chew toys, like the meteor and the space station, are made of ultra-durable pink and purple alien rubber - yes, the one that was found on Alpha’s capsule. Additionally, you can choose your favorite character from the Alien Flex plush toys, which are all based on aliens found in the recordings of the capsule’s black box, like Stixx, Gro, Harry, or King Jambo.

These products are not only fun, bright-colored, and very original, but they are also made from high-quality and durable materials to provide your dog with hours of chewing entertainment.

Offer your dog their new favorite toy with Alien Flex and let them be a part of Alpha The Dog’s courageous story.