Golden is a brand of the German company pet-earth GmbH, which, within a short period of time, has established itself as a technological leader of premium cat litter on the European market. Pet-earth’s products are based upon natural resources and produced in Germany to achieve their renowned on-site quality control, fast order processing, production of customers own brands, reduction of import duties, and small runs of different packaging sizes. Their products are available in many parts of Europe.

Pet-earth has expanded, in 2008, its product range by adding two new types of cat litter to join the Golden Grey cat litter, successfully established on the international market. Those types were Golden Pine, a biodegradable clumping litter made with renewable pine wood and free from chemical additives, and Golden Odour cat litter, a fragrance-free innovative Bentonite clumping litter that acts to eliminate cat odors. Golden Grey is a clumping cat litter with baby powder scent, which ensures an effective odor binding. It features fine grain that is particularly gentle on your cat's paws.

Additionally, Golden’s catalog also features the Golden Grey Master cat litter, a clumping cat litter that ensures an effective odor binding by the additions of silicate and baby powder scent, and the Golden White cat litter, which adds a lavender fragrance.

All of these products are very popular among cat parents due to their low consumption - the 14 kg bags are approximately equivalent to 45 kg of conventional litter, making the Golden cat litter one of the most sustainable and economic brands of pet litter in the world. Additionally, the absorbency of all these types of cat litter goes through the roof - reaching an astonishing 380% of absorbency power in the Golden Grey, Golden Grey Master, and Golden Odour substrates.

With Golden cat litter, you can reduce the number of times you change your cat’s litter, thus saving money and being more friendly to our planet.