Cosequin is one of the brands of Nutramax Laboratories, which is the number one veterinarian-recommended supplement company. Nutramax Laboratories has been developing products for people and their pets since 1992, and Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. researches and develops high-quality products to support animal health. In fact, Cosequin is also the number one veterinarian-recommended brand for joint health support.

Like all Nutramax products, Cosequin Joint Health Supplements are scientifically researched, manufactured under stringent quality standards, and tested numerous times for quality control. And that is why most pet parents use and trust Cosequin to keep their pets healthy and vigorous, especially in old age.

Cosequin formula provides optimal support for your pet’s mobility and agility. When it comes to Cosequin composition, one of its active ingredients is glucosamine, which is naturally present in our pets’ bodies and keeps up cartilage health. By supplementing your pet with Cosequin, the active substance glucosamine will keep a positive impact on their joints, protecting them from joint disorders like arthritis.

Their catalog features Cosequin for dogs and Cosequin for cats, and it includes the Cosequin Advanced Condroprotector to help fight joint discomfort and pain. Additionally, Cosequin dogs includes hyaluronic acid, a fundamental component of the synovial fluid, which acts as a joint lube providing them flexibility. Cosequin cats will also provide your cats with an anti-inflammatory effect due to the combination of manganese and glucosamine.

Cosequin Advance for dogs and cats is presented in easily chewable and palatable pills to ease the administration. As such, not only Cosequin focuses on keeping your pets healthy and thriving throughout their lives with high-quality ingredients, but it also provides products that help to overcome the unpleasant experience of administering health supplements to your best friends.

Keep your pet’s joints healthy and improve their mobility and flexibility with Cosequin - “keep ‘em moving,” playing and thriving for longer!