Colombo has been developing products for the maintenance of aquariums and ponds for over 30 years. Their vast expertise and continuous improvements are supported by solid research and product development. Every Colombo product is tested intensively in the Colombo Research Center before going into the market to ensure optimal results.

Colombo products are used and recommended by specialists, veterinarians, and fish farms. They offer the best possible medications for your fish to get healthy as quickly as possible.

Colombo has developed four specialized product ranges - Colombo Pond, Colombo Aquarium, Colombo Plant, and Colombo Marine. In every single one of these ranges, they prioritize quality and practicality to offer to fish-keeping aficionados.

Colombo products are user-friendly and high-quality for successful marine and freshwater aquariums and ponds with healthy and beautiful fish and plants. Colombo also offers fertilizers, supplements, and CO2 systems for your plants to thrive. 

Colombo’s catalog features products like Colombo Algisin No More Blanket Weed, Colombo Algadrex (Anti-Algae for Lake), Colombo Phosphate EX, and Colombo Nitrate EX. With these products, you can manage and prevent the accumulation of undesired algae that can have a negative impact on your fish and plants.

With Colombo, your fish and plants are safe and can enjoy their quiet and happy underwater life.