Leash Ruff Zee.Dog Asos

Voted the best dog leash in the world by Pet product news international, our Ruff Zee.Dog Asos leash is a design marvel built to make your arms survive those harsh walks.

Ruff Zee.DogAsos's quality, design and comfort:
- The polyurethane shock absorbent spring absorbs the force so your shoulders and arms don’t;
- Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability;
- Colors match prints in the collection;
- Neoprene padding on the handle for extra comfort on the hands;
- Two sizes: Large is shorter in length and wider / Small is longer in length and thinner.

See size below
- S 1,5 cm
- L 2,5 cm

- S 1,20 m
- L 1,20 m