KimiMove is one of the brands belonging to KimiPharma, a human and animal health company from Iberia. KimiPharma’s team is composed of experienced people from the pharmaceutical industry that discovers, develops, and successfully provides innovative products aimed to increase society’s quality of life - and that also includes our pets. Having their foundation in the Iberian Peninsula, KimiPharma wants to expand their brand and expertise worldwide in order to collaborate and cooperate with institutions and other companies. KimiPharma’s products and services meet the highest demands in terms of quality, effectiveness, safety, and respect for the environment. 

KimiMove is a brand of food supplements for dogs and cats to help improve joint health and mobility. It has a regenerative, anti-degenerative, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effect and it’s recommended as nutritional support for fast-growing dogs and cats or for adult dogs and cats with joint wear and tear triggered by severe physical activity. It’s also advised to administer in situations of joint lesions, with or without joint immobilization, and joint degenerative processes, such as osteoarthritis. As such, KimiMove supplements are suitable as a preventive or therapeutic measure.

KimiMove’s catalog features KimiMove Rapid, KimiMove Support, and KimiMove Ultra. These formulas not only prevent your pet’s cartilage from degenerating, but are also involved in the cartilage’s regeneration process. Additionally, due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these supplements help reduce the oxidative stress and inflammatory processes associated with cartilage damage and joint complications. This way, administering KimiMove’s products to your dog and cat helps to reduce joint problems and improves their mobility and flexibility, independently of their age.

Additionally, KimiMove’s products are presented in highly digestible and palatable capsules, so the moment of administering them to your pet doesn’t have to be a nightmare. And you can also choose the package according to the number of capsules - for instance, you can choose Kimi Move Rapid 60 cp, or KimiMove Support 120cp, just to name a couple.

Improve your pet’s mobility and flexibility for an improved quality of life and happier play sessions with KimiMove supplements for joints!