Inodorina Wipes Refresh | Aloe Vera 1 unity

Towel for cleaning your dog or cat with Aloe Vera fragrance.
The wipes Inodorina are bigger and stronger than traditional, which allow a convenient and hygienic practice. Furthermore, they contain a higher level of moisture and the components that relate the pH. Characteristics: Resistant: are thicker than usual, which allow clear that the animal without break. Extra moisture: contain a higher level of humidity than other wipes so you can use for longer, minimizing the use of wipes. Scented: With 7 different scents to caress and play with your pet is always a pleasant experience: aloe vera, limon, talc, water rose, musk blanco, apricot and chlorhexidine. The scent remains for a long time in the animal's fur, which is one of the main attractions of Inodorina wipes. Disinfectant: one of the varieties contains Chlorhexidine has a disinfecting action, thanks to its bactericidal and fungicidal action. 1 unit = 40 wipes
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