Felix Party Original mix 4 X 60 g

Felix Party Original Mix is ​​a complementary food for adult cats.
Share more adorable and fun times with your cat with the new FELIX® Party Mix - an irresistible and colorful mix of tasty snacks, full of tantalizing aromas, delicious flavors and appetizing textures in a pack of three flavors! But it's not all! FELIX® Party Mix contains proteins, vitamins and essential fatty acids Omega 6 to help your cat live a happier and healthier life. FELIX® Party Mix is ​​available in a wide range of recipes for your cat. Try it now and enjoy these irresistible varieties! benefits: It contains proteins, vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids. Help your cat to live happier and healthier. Recommended daily dose: adult cat 4kg up to 15g or about 40 units. How to use: Please adjust the main meal proportionally. Always have fresh, clean water. Watch your cat when you give this product.
Meat and animal by-products (35%) *, Cereals, Oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, mineral substances, sugar, yeast, fish and fish by-products. * (Equivalent to 50% meat and animal byproducts rehydrated with 26% Meat min, min 0.5% Chicken Liver min 0.5% and 0.5% Peru min). Additives: Nutritional additives: IU / kg: Vit A: 31700; Vit D: 1000; Vit E: 170; mg / kg Fe (E1): 58; I (I2): 1.9; Cu (E4): 11; Mn (E5): 15; Zn (E6): 137: If (E8): 0.12. Analytical constituents: crude protein: 35.0% Fat Gross Matter: 20,0% Ash Gross: 8.5%, crude fiber: 0.5%; Linoleic acid (omega 6): 26900 mg / kg.