Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center 1 Unidade

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center is the best place to relax with catnip. The Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center combines the ancient massage center with some clever updates, based on broad research and direct customer feedback. The product is now bigger, better and more versatile than ever!
360 ° relaxation and caressing: The Catit Senses Wellness Center 2.0 is designed to be the best place to rest. The wellness center includes a wide variety of brushes, textures and massage crests to help the cat to relax and caress himself. All textures are easily accessible from all sides to suit personal preferences and habits caressing of any cat. The best place to relax with catnip: If your cat likes catnip, you're in luck! The Wellness Center includes a lot of dried catnip and Canadian quality to skim the different textures. large cushion: The pad is the perfect size to pull over and take a nap and is comfortable in touch. The pad includes adhesive strips of Velcro to attach the wellness center. Ergonomic base with massage brushes: The Catit Sernses 2.0 Wellness Center contain a low ergonomic base with wavy brush massage on each side. This will help to satisfy any itch that needs scratching and / or massage, including those difficult to reach places. lasting brushes: Tastes like to remain clean and neat. To help, the product includes two flexible panels to remove and collect the loose hair. multi-purpose massager for head and neck: At the top of the Wellness Center is a special massager that have the ideal shape for the head, neck and cats face. A great tool to relieve stress and relaxation in general. Stimulating gums for dental hygiene: The stimulator gums is like a brush-covered teeth. While your cat is happy gnawing the stimulator with texture actually is cleaning your gums and teeth. Good dental hygiene helps prevent disease and bad breath. You can stimulate your cat putting on catnip. Easy to clean: Senses Wellness Center 2.0 is easy to disassemble and clean. The cushion can be cleaned with a wet cloth, while the plastics can be washed by hand. It is best to use natural soap, free of chemicals or abrasive solutions. Rinse well.
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