Brit Animals Rabbit Senior 1.5 kg

Brit Animals Rabbit Senior is a super premium complete food for seniors rabbits (+4 years).
Characteristics: - Complete food Super Premium for senior rabbits (older than 4 years). - The high content of vitamin C (720mg / kg) provides a natural protection against cellular aging. - Low protein content (13.5%) does not overload the body and promotes healthy digestion in less active period. - The ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus is in accordance with natural reason found in hay field (1.75: 1) and reduces the risk of urinary stones. Feeding Guide Daily nutritional requirements of your rabbit may vary according to its size, age, performance and environment. When der Brit to your pet for the first time, mix it with the previous food, gradually increasing the amount of Brit. Serve according to the appetite of your rabbit. Be sure to have always available to your rabbit fresh water to drink, and hay in sufficient quantity. Best before date shown on the box. Keep in a cool dry place.
Composition: Alfalfa herb (nettle, dandelion, dandelion, plantain), dehydrated apples, barley, carrot, corn, wheat, linseed, yeast, mananoligossacáridos (75 mg / kg), fructooligosaccharides (50 mg / kg) thistle (50 mg / kg) yucca extract Mojave [yucca schidigera] (45 mg / kg). Analytical composition: Crude protein 13.5%, crude fat 2.8%, crude fiber 19.0%, crude ash 8.2%, moisture content 10.0%, 0.7% calcium, 0.4% phosphorus, sodium 0.06%. Nutritional additives per 1 kg: Vitamin A 10,200 IU Vitamin D3 1,250 IU Vitamin E (tocopherol?) 70 mg Vitamin C 720 mg Vitamin K 0.1 mg, 1 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 2 mg Vitamin B3 6 mg, 3.5 mg vitamin B5, vitamin B6, 1 mg, 0.12 mg vitamin B9, vitamin B12, 0.02 mg, 1 mg biotin, 200 mg choline chloride, 72 mg zinc, 40 mg iron, 54 mg manganese , 10 mg copper, 1.8 mg iodine, selenium 0.21 mg.