Artero Spray Untangle Matt-X 300ml

Spray Desembar At Artero Matt-X is a powerful hair desembaraçador for dogs and cats. It is suitable for medium or long coat or damaged. The Spray Desembar At Artero Matt-X is a non-greasy, fast and easy formula to apply in wet or dry hair, which helps in brushing eliminating static electricity and nodes and avoiding disruptions.  
Available in packaging of 300 ml
Composition - Amodimethicone, fast action detangling conditioner that instantly nodes; citric-acid: closes the cuticle, increasing the brightness of the coat; -chloride of Centromunium: instant conditioner that neutralizes static electric charges; - Silicone Quaternium, secure the hair wires, facilitating the act of untangling the knots and providing maximum brightness to the coat.