Advance Dog Adult French Bulldog

A complete and balanced feeding specifically formulated for adult French Bulldog dogs. TAURINE AMINO ACIDS It contributes to the good functioning of the heart. COLLAGEN AND YEAST Care of the vertebrae. BEETLE, APPLE AND BEET PUMP They help maintain optimum digestion with less odors. NEW SOURCES OF EXCELLENT DIGESTIBILITY PROTEINS They contribute to optimal nutrition and digestion, and fewer skin problems. COMBINED ACTION OF ANTIOXIDANTS (VITAMIN E, VITAMIN C AND FANCONOIDES OF TURANJA) AND TAURINA Helps strengthen cardiorespiratory function. COLLAGEN, BIOTIN, ZINC AND OMEGA 3 AND 6 They help protect the skin barrier.
Ingredients: Corn, 18% duck, 15% rice, corn protein, dehydrated duck proteins, barley, animal fat (stabilized with a mixture of naturally occurring tocopherols), potato protein, hydrolyzed animal proteins, hydrolyzed collagen 2.5% fish oil, yeast 1.7%, beet pulp 1.4%, calcium carbonate, vegetable fiber, potassium chloride plasma proteins (natural source of immunoglobulins) 0.4%, soybean oil, tetrasodium diphosphate, salt , dehydrated apple 0.1% natural polyphenols 0.02%.