Bioiberica was established in 1975, at the time of research and production of the active ingredient and anticoagulant, Heparin. With more than 100 products that improve human, animal, and plant health and presence in more than 80 countries, Bioiberica has continued to identify and develop biomolecules with high biological and therapeutic value and to develop products that improve our pets’ health and life quality. Because our pets are a major portion of who we are and how we feel, since they provide long-term physical and psychological well-being to us, pet parents.

Bioiberica has a team of experts in science-based solutions to improve the health of pets suffering from chronic illnesses. They have come up with a wide range of products that offer solutions for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis, skin problems such as canine atopic dermatitis, liver, and intestinal problems, immunological imbalances, and cystitis. As such, their catalog features products like Bioiberica Condrovet Force HA, Bioiberica Atopivet tablet, Bioiberica Impromune, and Bioiberica Calmurofel

Besides the obvious health support offered by Bioiberica through their exceptional products, they also developed formulas with high-quality ingredients, which, in addition, are safe and highly palatable for your pet. Whether they are topical mousses and spot-on treatments, or oral tablets and suspensions, all Bioiberica products are easy to administer or feed to your best friend.