Adaptil is one of the brands of Ceva Animal Health. Ceva was born in 1999 and is now one of the leading animal health players, being one of the fastest-growing top 10 animal healthcare companies. They are based in 45 countries and work across more than 110. With 12 R&D centers, 25 production sites, and over 5000 employees worldwide, Ceva’s mission is based on a holistic approach that by protecting the health of animals and the environment, we will be able to protect our own health and future. They tackle every front like cardiology, renal and urinary health, locomotion, analgesia, antibiotic treatment, dermatology, and behavior.

Ceva launched Adaptil to open the way to new approaches concerning canine behavior and well-being. With the ever-growing trend of pet-parenting, an increasing number of pet parents is looking for the best possible care for their pets to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Some situations pose challenges to your dog and may make them uncomfortable and stressed. Your dog’s unhappy behavior can be triggered by traveling, staying home alone, loud noises like fireworks, and meeting new people or new dogs. Adaptil offers a clinically proven solution to these unpleasant behaviors by using synthetic copies of canine natural “comfort messages” called dog appeasing pheromones. These pheromones are chemical substances released from special glands in a dog's body, used to interact and communicate with each other and the world around them. For instance, mother dogs communicate with their puppies through these odorless canine messages, providing a strong signal of security and comfort.

Adaptil’s catalog features a typology of products that includes Adaptil diffuser, Adaptil refill, Adaptil tablets, Adaptil spray, and Adaptil collar. They also have different product lines that tackle different behaviors, such as Adaptil Transport, Adaptil Express, Adaptil Junior. Some examples of Adaptil products include Adaptil Puppy Collar (or Adaptil Junior Collar) and Adaptil Dog Collar, Adaptil Express Tablets, and Adaptil Transport Spray.

Adaptil is used and recommended by veterinarians worldwide and has been helping dogs in 50 countries, from five continents. After using Adaptil, millions of dog parents worldwide have noticed a difference in their dogs. They feel more confident and relaxed during challenging situations like loud noises, staying home alone, fears, training, and traveling.

Adaptil is the solution to make dogs and their parents happy!