Catit is a creative cat company - made not by cats but for cats. Catit’s mission is to provide practical and fun products that specifically meet the needs of our picky felines. 

If you have a cat, you know they have a history of being pampered with toys, food, treats, cuddles, and even furniture just for them. The myth that we don’t own cats, but it’s the other way around, will even sound more real when you visit a cat parent’s home - it has more stuff for cats than it has for humans.

As such, our cats have found themselves in a lucky position. And while some of that is our fault, we can’t help but think about the thousands of companies that were founded just to spoil our felines. And we can’t help but buying all their amazing products, right? Catit is one of those companies - throughout the years, it has been inventing and developing more new ideas to keep our cats happy and entertained.

Whether it’s for housing, transportation, litter accessories, scratchers, furniture, grooming equipment, dishware, or toys, Catit is here to make ends meet. No wonder our cats think they rule the world.

Catit’s catalog features products that include the Catit water fountain, such as the Catit Flower Fountain or the Catit Fresh & Clear Fountain, Catit Filter for Catit drinking fountain, Catit Senses Wellness Center, Catit Catnip Spray and Catit Catnip Roll On, Catit Food Tree, and Catit Grooming Kit. Additionally, if you (or your cat) have broken or lost a piece of any of your Catit products, they offer replacement parts, so you can replace it easily without spending money on the whole equipment and without being a huge burden on the planet.

Every cat parent desires to provide the best life quality to their cats - and Catit exists to make sure that wish comes true.