Virbac Dog Effitix Spot-On 20-40 kg 1 unity w/ 4 pipettes

Virbac Effitix is ​​indicated for dogs. It should be given to combat infestations of fleas and / or ticks as well repellent activity is required (anti-feeding) against sandflies an... Read More
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Virbac Effitix is ​​indicated for dogs. It should be given to combat infestations of fleas and / or ticks as well repellent activity is required (anti-feeding) against sandflies and / or mosquitoes.
presentations: Five different packaging according to the size and weight of the animal, each with 4 pipettes.
c & atilde size, the Format Mg
R & ccedil; the thumbnail 1.5 - 4 kg 26.8 mg / 240 mg
R & ccedil; Small 4 - 10kg 67 mg / 600 mg
Ra MAKE-M & eacute; days 10 - 20 kg 134 mg / 1200 mg
R & ccedil; the Great 20 - 40 kg 268 mg / 2400 mg
R & ccedil; the Giants 40 - 60 kg 402 mg / 3600 mg Dosage and usage: Administer 1 pipette corresponding presentation to the animal's weight. For dogs weighing more than 60 kg should be used in appropriate combination of pipettes. The recommended dose is 6.7 mg fipronil / kg P.V. permethrin and 60 mg / kg P.V. In dogs less than 20 kg should be applied to two points. In dogs weighing 20 kg must be applied in spots 2-4. The interval between the two treatments should be at least 4 weeks. contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the active substance or excipients. DO NOT USE ON CATS OR IN RABBITS. Sick or convalescent. Dogs with less than 12 weeks or 1.5 kg. Adverse reactions: skin reactions at the injection site (itching, erythema) and general itching. Hyperactivity. Vomiting. In the case of licking, transient hypersalivation. precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Save <30 ° C in original packaging. Maintains efficacy after exposure to the sun or rain but frequent bathing can affect efficiency. It is recommended to treat all animals in the house. The possibility of transmission of infectious diseases can not be completely ruled out. Weigh dogs before treatment. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and licks. Extremely toxic to cats: keep dogs treated away until the area is dry and in the case of accidental exposure, wash the cat and go to a vet. Precautions for people: Can cause neurotoxicity and irritation of eyes, skin or mucous membranes on contact and can be harmful if swallowed: Avoid ingestion and contact. In case of exposure, wash the area and consult a doctor. Wash hands after use. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling. People with known hypersensitivity to the ingredients should avoid contact. It is recommended to carry out the treatment at night to minimize contact during the subsequent 12 hours. May adversely affect aquatic organisms: the treated dogs should not bathe in water courses during the two days of the application. Do not contaminate reservoirs, canals or ditches. It can affect surfaces and interior trim of the house. Pregnancy and lactation: in the absence of specific studies should be assessed the risk / benefit. Eliminate the product and the respective waste in accordance with local regulations. veterinary use.
Fipronil: 61 mg / ml. Permethrin: 545 mg / ml.