ProDen PlaqueOff is a Sweden oral health care brand founded in 2005. Since then, PlaqueOff has become a trusted dental product for pets and pet parents. PlaqueOff is a natural food supplement for pets that aims to improve their oral health and well-being. As its name implies, PlaqueOff helps to reduce plaque, tartar, and smelly breath, which are definitely the three nemeses of your pet’s teeth. PlaqueOff for cats and dogs helps fight them by supporting teeth health and improving breath odor.

Your pet’s oral health should never be overlooked, and you should provide your best friend with a proper dental care routine. Besides brushing and massaging their teeth and gums, you can also offer them supplements that will help improve their oral health - and with PlaqueOff, you can do it with 100% natural products made of sea kelp and algae. As such, these products are also free from additives, artificial preservatives, gluten, or added sugar, which is a commitment to this brand’s quality and values. 

ProDen PlaqueOff’s catalog features a wide variety of products, including Plaque Off for dogs and Plaque Off for cats. These range from powders, treats, bites to equipment for brushing your pet’s teeth, such as finger toothbrushes and liquid toothpaste. PlaqueOff products include PlaqueOff Dental Bites for cats and dogs, Plaque Off 60g Powder, to sprinkle in your pet’s food, and PlaqueOff for dogs Dental Care Bones. 

In addition to having high-quality all-natural ingredients, PlaqueOff products are also easy to use - you just have to sprinkle the powder or offer delicious treats and bites to your pet. This is especially relevant since most dogs and cats don’t particularly like having their teeth brushed. So, PlaqueOff is a great starting point to maintain your pet’s good dental hygiene without making a big fuss.

Fight your pet’s tooth enemies with ProDen PlaqueOff and improve their oral health day by day.