Woof & Brew

Woof & Brew

Woof & Brew is home to some of the most unique, healthy tonics and treats for our beloved pets. Born in November 2012 and created by Steve Bennet and Lisa Morton, Woof & Brew has launched the world’s first herbal doggy tea bag. Besides specialized herbal blends, Woof & Brew has also created a treat range that includes doggy beverages such as “wine” and “beer” - all of them containing lots of herbal ingredients. From the very beginning, Woof and Brew has been working with veterinaries and other pet health experts to create a renowned and successful product range.

Their passion for dogs boosted what Woof & Brew is all about - letting our dogs (and cats) experience the same life pleasure as humans do, but with a healthier and safer twist.

Woof & Brew’s herbal teas, with their well-known benefits to humans and dogs equally, are available in doggy tea bags and ready-made tonic formats. These blends are veterinary-approved, are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and the herbs remain intact to offer optimal properties. This range has been formulated as complementary pet food in order to support your pet’s needs.

In addition to herbal teas and tonics, Woof & Brew has created treats for our loving dogs (and cats, too!), which are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Pawsecco is a still “wine” for pets, and it’s available in bottled liquid format, for any special occasion, and as freeze pops for those hot summer days. Champaws is the pet “champagne,” ready to be popped whenever there’s a birthday coming up or on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or even on World’s Animal Day. The Bottom Sniffer “beer” for dogs is an innovative doggy refreshment that will create a unique odor and will have the other dogs of the neighborhood sniffing your dog’s bottoms with envy!

Your dog (and cat) can finally join you and your not-so-cool wine, champagne, or beer and relax on the couch or celebrate good moments with their favorite Woof & Brew drink.