Zee.Dog Soft-Walk Harness Blink

The Soft Walk Harness Zee.Dog Blink is a special dog harness! It is a no-pull harness that connects the leash on the dogs chest area, not on his back. So when your dog pulls on, he instantly faces you - which discourages him from pulling and makes your walks way more gentle. The belly strap is easy to find: it's the one with the different color. Soft Walk Harness Zee.Dog Blink quality, design and comfort: -Walking your dog just got way easier; - Discourages pulling on the leash; - Martingale loop at chest prevents twisting; - Soft on your dog's fur; Leash attaches on the dog's chest, not back; -Belly strap in different color helps putting it on. See sizes below Read More
Price AED70.51

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- S 1,5 cm
- M 2 cm
- L 2,5 cm

- S 50 a 77,5 cm
- M 62,5 a 98 cm
- L 66,5 a 105 cm

- S 31 a 38,5 cm
- M 33,5 a 40 cm
- L 36 a 47 cm